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Kia Walking Bus

Kia Walking Bus

The Walking Bus is a Kia-sponsored scheme to get kids walking to school… it’s good for their health, and good for the environment too.

Walking Bus....what's that?

A Walking Bus is like a normal bus – just without the bus!

There’s a ‘driver’ at the front and a ‘conductor’ at the back (specially trained parents). It takes the same route to school every day and picks the kids up along the way.

For kids, the Walking Bus is great. They get exercise, fresh air and have fun with their friends even before their school day starts. For parents it's a dream, knowing your children have arrived at school safely and on time.

Why is Kia talking about walking?

Driving can be fun. But let's face it - there's nothing great about traffic jams. At 9am nearly 20% of cars are doing 'the school run'. It's madness.

We’re hoping the Walking Bus will change this - one step at a time. Walking is great. It helps strengthen children's bones and develop their muscles - including the heart. And if there’s less congestion then it increases the enjoyment for those people that do have essential car journeys.

To find out more, you can download an information pack.

How does it work?

A Walking Bus can have as few or as many children as you wish and is this simple to set up.

1. Have a chat with the children – see if they like the idea and would like to walk to school with their friends each morning. 

2. Talk to other parents at the school and find out if they are interested and if there are any viable routes for your Walking Bus to take.

3. Arrange for all parents / carers involved to undertake CRB checks (Criminal Records Bureau checks).  Remember, these can take a while.

4. When you have support from the children and parents / carers, speak to the school.  If they like the idea, ask them to support all those involved.

5. Talk to the local council.  They will have a road safety officer who can help your bus get started by checking the best routes, providing you with guidelines and training all those involved.

6. Once the route is approved, get back in touch with Kia and we will supply your Walking Bus with a pack of high visibility jackets free of charge.

Those are the first six steps towards a healthier lifestyle for your little ones.

Ready to get on board?

Our information pack will help you get a Walking Bus on the road….well, the pavement actually.

If you have any more questions please contact Rebecca Gibson at Kia on 01932 832079 or e-mail