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Our Commitment

Kia Motors Corporation is dedicated to fulfill its role as a global corporate citizen through balanced growth and sharing, based on a corporate culture of trust and respect.

We continually strive to uphold trust-based management, environmental management and social contribution as the foundation of our business activities. We also recognize that fulfilling our social responsibilities is the key to sustainable, long-term growth as well as a firm commitment to our employees, shareholders, customers, local communities and ultimately, the entire world.

Trees for Cities

We don’t just have a global corporate responsibility but also a local one too. Starting with Walking Bus in 2000 and with Red Nose Day since 2009, Kia’s UK commitment has been expanded to include two new environmental partners both in the UK and abroad - Trees for Cities within the UK and Planting for a Better Life in Mali, West Africa.

Set up in 1993 Trees for Cities is an environmental and social charity that works with communities to plant trees in cities that need it most.  Delivering community-focused tree planting in deprived urban areas. The projects mean that disadvantaged communities can enjoy the benefits of trees and green spaces in their areas.

Kia has already contributed to various projects across the UK and with Trees for Cities has planted over 100 trees across the UK for communities that need it most.
Trees for Cities

To find out more details on Trees for Cities visit

Kia Walking Bus

Now in its 12th year the Kia Walking Bus is encouraging local schools and parents to think about forming a Walking Bus to help raise a greater understanding for road safety, environment and health amongst primary school children.

Since 2000, the Walking Bus campaign has created over 400 supported routes across the UK and has had a total of 15,000 children walking to school every day. Kia has been a proud supporter and is keen for even more schoolchildren to get active on their way to and from school.

To create a Walking Bus, parents or guardians – who have sought training from their local council – take turns to walk a group of children to and from their school. A ‘driver’ picks up children en route to school and leads the group, who are dressed in high visibility jackets, while a ‘conductor’ takes position at the rear of the ‘bus’ to ensure any stragglers are not left behind and the walking bus reaches school safely and on time.

According to research a staggering 20% of all traffic in the mornings is generated by the school run. 
For more information about how to set up a Walking Bus for your school, see or

Kia Walking Bus


Red Nose Day

From ‘Doing something funny for money’ through to ‘Pimp my part-ex’, Kia Motors UK Ltd has been involved with Comic Relief since 2009. Both staff at head office and the dealer network have been involved in raising money for Comic Relief every two years with a total of £280,000 raised so far.

Planting for a Better Life - Mali, West Africa

Kia Motors is sponsoring a long-term charitable programme for the planting of shrubs in southern Mali, West Africa.  The project, called ‘Kia – Planting for a Better Life’, will guarantee the planting of up to six million jatropha shrubs over the next three years, helping to secure a brighter future for communities in the area by boosting agricultural output and generating income for farmers and their families.

The Netherlands-based ‘Trees for All’ organisation has broad experience of jatropha planting programmes and has worked with Kia Netherlands and Kia Sweden on projects in Mali since 2007.  These earlier initiatives have already been responsible for establishing 2.3 million trees, and have set up 51 Jatropha Field Schools – teaching more than 5,000 local farmers to-date how best to use the shrubs and how to achieve better yields of key crops, such as maize, sorgho and peanuts.

The jatropha shrub is a hardy, drought- and pest-resilient evergreen perennial which has numerous benefits.  It is toxic to wild animals so makes an ideal hedge plant or ‘living fence’ with which farmers can ring other crops.  It also helps prevent soil erosion and, from year five onwards, produces an average yield of 3.5 kg of ‘climate nuts’ sufficient to create 0.5 litres of bio-diesel fuel, boosting the farmer’s income.

For more information on Trees for All visit


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  • Trees for Cities

  • Trees for Cities

  • Trees for Cities

    Kate Hoey helps plant fruit trees in Lambeth

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