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Kia Bluetooth®

Bluetooth® wireless technology is available on selected Kia models allowing users to have hands-free use of mobile phones through the cars audio system.

Benefits of Bluetooth®


The hands-free and voice control command functionality allows phone access whilst both hands are kept on the wheel and eye focus is maintained on the road ahead - for a safer driving experience.

Safety and Security

Once your mobile phone device is paired with your vehicle, compatible phones will automatically connect to the Kia Bluetooth® system, allowing most of the functions of the phone to be available with the touch of a button or a series of voice commands.

Music Streaming

The Bluetooth® hands-free system not only allows you to talk safely whilst driving, but it is also allows you to stream your favourite music direct from your phone. A quick and easy way to wirelessly play your stored music tracks.

Bluetooth® Connectivity Centre

Visit our the Bluetooth® Connectivity Centre to find out if your mobile phone is compatible* and for more information about the available Bluetooth features and pairing your device to your Kia.

The Bluetooth® Connectivity Centre will be updated once quarterly with the release of new phone models and/or new software versions or with the release of a new Kia model.

*Please note with the many variations among service providers, phone handsets and software versions, some phones may not offer the same level of Bluetooth® functionality.